July 14 2015

Totara Cloud on its Way for Small Learning Environments

Written by Nimritta P.

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totaralms-logoTotara recently announced the launch of Totara Cloud, which will become available later this month. If you are a small business or proprietorship who needs a corporate learning management system for a handful of people, then TotaraCloud is for you. Or perhaps you looking to implement Totara LMS for a large organization - Totara Cloud is a great to play around with the deep feature set.

LMS Hosting for the Totara Cloud will be hosted from three global regions - The Americas (US), Asia/Pacific (Australia), and EMEA (UK). All recent backups will be stored in these set locations. Site-configuration assistance will be delivered through online web meetings, which will follow a standard implementation process, while still aligning with the structure of self-paced courses on Totara Academy. Totara Cloud also provides deployment without a long-term lock-in commitment, which allows you more freedom. Totara Cloud will be available for direct purchase through an online order. 

Is Totara Cloud right for me?

Totara Cloud may NOT be the best option for you, if you require any of the following:

  • Customizations to your Totara site

  • Configurable or custom themes

  • Advanced integration options and advanced features

  • Performance Management capabilities

  • Site Admin capabilities

If you require any of the items mentioned above, we can help! As platinum Totara Partners, we are happy to assist you with any of your LMS hosting needs. Don't hesitate to reach out. 

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