November 26 2014

The Top 10 Benefits of Online Training Part 2

Written by Lambda Solutions

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online-trainingYesterday we introduced the first five benefits of online training and today we will provide the final five! If you missed part one on the top 10 benefits of online training you can check them out here.

6. Online Training Makes Knowledge Transfer Easier

With baby boomers retiring at ever quickening rates, change management managers are busier than ever. Using the company learning management system, knowledge that needs to be transferred to current and future employees can be organized so that training managers can re-purpose information easier and faster. Whether it is a system, process or skill that needs to be learnt—online training makes it easy to facilitate organizational change in a cost effective manner.

7. Online Training can be Customized for Unique Learning Needs

Using course authoring tools, online training courses can easily be modified to speak to a particular group of employees. For example, when training various departments on compliance, online compliance training can be customized so that your talent is learning about compliance regulations that relate to their specific role and geographic region. The great thing is, once courses are customized, they can be accessed and administered well into the future.

Online training is also customized through personalized learning paths in the learning management system. Learning paths are developed between the employee and talent manager to delineate specific skills and competency goals. Online training is highly customizable in this sense because it allows the employee to pick and choose which courses and programs are required for their professional growth.

8. Online Training can easily be monitored for Employee Success

Reporting and analytic tools make it easy for training and development managers to monitor the progress of employee learning. Such tools are often built into the learning management system and allow managers to recognize where employees are having trouble. Knowing where the pain points are in learning provides the opportunity to open discussions around how clarification and additional learning can be best provided, so that the knowledge or skill gap is filled. Reporting and analytic tools ensure that learning happens and sticks.

9. Online Training Helps Detect those who Need it Most

Many learning management systems are equipped with surveying tools that assess learners’ knowledge and skills before training commences. This ensures that time, money and productivity are not wasted on employees that do not require training in certain areas or possibly at all. Pre-assessment surveys also screen those employees who may not yet have the knowledge level to benefit from the assigned training. This is also helpful to know as perquisite training can then be provided to ready the candidate for the targeted course.

10. Online Training Shortens Training Time

Some have indicated that online training shortens training time by up to 60% when compared to live training. The rule of thumb goes, for ½ a day of in-person, live training—online learning can deliver the same results in 20 minutes (not including travel time!). Why is online training so much faster? There are many reasons but here are a few key ones:

  • Distractions are eliminated—online training happens when and where the learner is ready so they can learn when they know they can focus.
  • Delivery is concise and concepts can be provided to learners in succinct form.
  • Extended commentary and questions are eliminated—we've all experienced how in-class discussion can often lead to irrelevant tangents—this doesn't happen with online training!

There is no better place to leave it than here—online training not only decreases the amount of training time required but is extremely cost effective. It is no longer a questions of "who can we afford to train?" but rather, "who do we need to train?" Begin implementing online training in your organization today by contacting one of our training experts. We will help you get started! Additionally, check out our webinar on How to Effectively Use Video in Online Training.

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