September 20 2016

7 Must Have LMS Features: #3 - Engaging Content

Written by Nimritta P.

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The LMS landscape enhances training effectiveness for organizations in various markets, if you know which features to look for — but with over 600 options in the LMS market, shopping for a new platform is no easy task. We're going to outlinewhich LMS features allow you to enhance the effectiveness of training delivery, increase learner engagement and retention, enhance the user experience, all while saving time and money. This is the third of seven blogs in our series, Must Have LMS Features. Check out the last post here. 

Engaging LMS Content

Ensuring that you have the exact content your learners need both now, and in the future, should definitely be on your list of things to look for. Engaging content is rooted in science and facts, not just abstract ideas. Engaged learners are more likely to obtain knowledge, and to have higher performance grades. What this means in regards to your LMS search, is that you need to look for a vendor that either develops their own engaging content, or who has partnered with a content marketplace who does.

Having an extensive marketplace of quality courses will not only save you time, it will also allow you to deliver effective learning that sticks, and skills that students can apply in the workforce. Having a reliable marketplace will help ensure you always have access to the courses you need, regardless or what department you are in, or what specific programs you offer. Even better, if the marketplace your LMS vendor is partnered with is able to integrate courses right into the LMS, you will save significant time doing this yourself.

Business Problems Solved

  • An LMS that leverages third party vendors (like or OpenSesame) to provide you with the best courses
  • Good content will allow you to deliver effective learning — learning that sticks and is implemented back into business processes
  • Time saved not having to create new courses

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