February 20 2012

Learning Analytics and LMS Reporting to Improve Learning Outcomes

Written by Shevy Levy

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Learning analytics LMS education technology Creative Commons Image for Commercial Use taken by dougclowWith the increase of online courses, there is a greater need to quickly track progress of individual students, compare learning outcomes for courses and groups, and report grades to students. We’ve put together some information and upcoming professional development opportunities available to explore how learning analytics are impacting student’s educational experience.

We’d like to share an inspiring presentation about Transforming Learning Through Analytics that was made by George Siemens and Vernon Smith at Educause 2011 by. Pick a rainy day or quiet evening to get inspired by this video and slideshow.

In a recent blog post we wrote about Configurable Reports. Ask us about our LMS reporting services package which includes installation and setup of configurable reports, a walkthrough demo, followed by review of your reporting needs and the development of custom reports.

LAK 2012, The Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference and Workshops are held in Vancouver Canada on April 29 – May 2, 2012

SoLAR members are offering an open Online course on Learning Analytics (see the 2011 Learning Analytics Syllabus) from January 23-March 17, 2012 for which you can register here.

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