September 22 2015

Competency Based Training in Moodle

Written by Lambda Solutions

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When developing a Competency Based Training Program with the Moodle Outcomes Module, training managers are equipped with a process for defining competencies that are linked to a series of numbers or letters to determine the learner’s level of understanding of said competency. Unlike gradeswhich may be composed of test scores, participation points, attendance and projects—outcomes, like competencies, assess a series of statements which can be provided at the end of a course along with the overall grade.

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Before setting up your competency training program in Moodle, it is important to have clearly identified the competencies that are achieved with the completion of the courses and/or activities. Once these have been defined, it is a matter of going through the various activities and assigning competencies that are achieved once completed. Activities can cover single or multiple competencies and can be set so they are only achieved once a student has attained a certain level of understanding—this level of understanding is defined by either completion of an activity or course, or a set of minimum scores.

Once your competency framework has been populated in Moodle Outcomes, both through the structure you create, and learners achievement of set competencies, reporting is made simple with Lambda Analytika or custom reporting. With interactive dashboards and drill down reports, you can see what employees have achieved which competencies. Alternately, custom Moodle Reports developed by Lambda Solutions will allow you to pull these reports with Moodle’s built-in reporting capabilities.


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