2016's Top 10 Big Disruptions in HR Technologies - Part 1

December 31, 2015

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The corporate world saw many changes and innovations in 2015, which begs the question - What will the new year look like? Bersin by Deloitte issued a report on the 10 Big Disruptions in HR Technologies on the Horizon for 2016. With the new year fast approaching, we thought we would summarize the insights for you. 

1. Consumerized HR Technology

HR technologies have slowly evolved from systems of record, to systems of engagement. The focus has shifted from true HR processes (streamlining work, record-keeping, and HR forms), to HR employees. Keeping employees engaged is the new objective for HR tech companies, so HR software and applications need to be entertaining in order to increase workplace productivity. With this shift, long-standing HR companies who have not adopted the trend of developing engaging technologies are being replaced with start-ups who are.

2. Mobile Apps Emerging a New HR Platform 

There are over 2.1 billion smartphone users worldwide, and 50% of the time they spend on the internet is done on their mobile phones. This forecasts that many HR solutions will be app-based, running on our cell phones. The advantage of mobile-based platforms is that HR solutions can take advantage of all the data your mobile phone captures - location, networks, contacts, etc. Mobile based HR software will also provide steady onboarding and transition support, assess time-management capabilities, and deliver work training, among a heap of other things. It is estimated that about 45% of job seekers apply for positions on their mobile phones, so we will see an increase in applications for interviewing and hiring. It’s also predicted that mobile-based HR tech in 2016 will include systems for engagement and feedback, performance check-ins, and attendance management.

3. Emergence of ERP Providers

Years ago, recruiting, learning, and performance management software were products sold separately from licensed HR software, meaning that organizations were left on their own to make these systems work together. Nowadays, organizations are looking at ERP vendors as qualified and effective talent management technology providers, because they are offering integrated solutions. Not only are they integrated, ERP vendors are developing innovative new tools to assist in talent management such as video-learning platforms, work evaluation platforms, and health & safety mobile applications.

4. Built-for-the-cloud providers redefine HR Functions

A new wave of cloud-based HR tech startups are creeping into the market. In fact, the investment that has been made in startups developing cloud-based software is estimated to exceed $3 billion in the last two years.These technologies are generally low-cost and user-friendly, making them very popular among consumers. These vendors are able to positively affect a great number of aspects in the day-to-day workflows of HR professionals. For example, there are HR tech vendors who are disrupting the traditional learning content in the market. as well as employee engagement, feedback, and culture analysis tools. These are just a few examples of cloud-based HR solution vendors who are disrupting the HR tech market.

5. New Software Categories: Feedback, Engagement, and Culture Management

There is a new category of tools emerging in the market, designed to assist employee feedback, pulse surveys, culture assessment, and ongoing engagement monitoring. This category would bring together pulse surveys, manager/employee feedback, and anonymous feedback, providing a well-rounded understanding on employee needs and concerns.

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Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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