Webinar - Learning Analytics in Higher Education: Origins & Benefits (Part 1)


Learning analytics (LA) is a significant area of technology-enhanced learning that has emerged during the last decade. It is a fast-growing area of educational technology research, with roots in a variety of fields, particularly business intelligence, web analytics, educational data mining and recommender systems. 

This webinar will describe and define the field of research and practice known as learning analytics and will present a snapshot of its current state in the formal education sector.

Don’t miss the second part of the series, where we will be diving deeper into learning analytics, and exploring examples and use cases of learning analytics in practice, as well as challenges to implementation.


In this Webinar, you will:

  1. Understand exactly what we mean by ‘Learning Analytics’
  2. Discover what data is being used and how to analyze it
  3. Uncover the benefits learning analytics offer education and educators


Meet Our Speaker

Leah Macfadyen_UBCLeah Macfadyen, PhD, UBC Faculty of Education

Leah is a faculty member affiliated with both the UBC Master of Educational Technology program, and the UBC Department of Language and Literacy Education; she was previously Director of Learning Analytics for the UBC Faculty of Arts, and has recently completed a four-year term as a member of the Executive of the international Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). Inspired by the rising tide of learning and learner data captured by learning technologies, and the potential for learning analytics (analysis and visualization of large sets of educational data) to offer actionable insights in higher education, Leah brought her analytic skills to research into virtual learning a decade ago. She makes use of learning analytics to inform course and curriculum review, and to discover meaningful patterns that can inform improvements in learning design, teaching, and learning. She also thinks and writes about the limits of ‘big data’, the challenge of data literacy, and the ethical and social implications of this work. For more see: https://changingeye.com/