3 Ways You Can Influence Learning Outcomes By Managing User Experience

User experience can make or break your eLearning initiatives.

The emotions and attitudes people have when using a particular product or service is their user experience, and that has a powerful effect on the outcomes they can achieve with that service.

What this means for eLearning is that anything short of a stellar user experience will result in a lack of engagement, lacklustre learning results, and a poor return on your enterprise’s education investment.

In this webinar we will cover exactly what makes a good user experience, how Moodle and Totara Learn LMS make it easy to implement for your organization, and what kinds of features to employ for the best eLearning results that will keep learners, teachers, and management happy.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Increase course material engagement rates and improve training effectiveness and skill retention
  • Reduce the monetary and time costs of onboarding and training
  • Create customized content and user interfaces that easily and automatically deliver exactly what each individual user needs