Your Guide To Easily Create Cutting-Edge Learning Plans 

Advanced Features Driving Better Results. Download this guide to learn how you can take your business to the next level, stay on the cutting edge of your learning plans, and maximize your return on investment. 


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This guide walks you through the advanced features of Totara Learn that let you:


Keep Organization Clear & Consistent

With step-by-step instructions for how to use the powerful HR Import and advanced Hierarchy features to match your LMS to your own hierarchy structures

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Automate Compliance Certification

Put Totara Learn to work keeping your employees' compliance certifications up to date and stay on top of expiry dates and recertification requirements


  Manage & Improve Learner Performance

Easily evaluate individuals, teams, and managers and provide the feedback and resources required to improve learning outcomes


Easily Share Insights With Decision-Makers

Understand your learning data in a new way that lets you increase learning effectiveness, course engagement, and prove the ROI of your L&D programs

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Totara Learn is the solution your enterprise needs.

Powered by data-driven insights, powerful automation, with the utility, flexibility, and game-changing customization, Totara Learn is constantly evolving to meet the learning needs of the modern business environment.

No matter what industry, Totara has the training tools your enterprise needs to evolve the learning process and equip your entire business with the power of knowledge.

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