Eliminate LMS Headaches With Totara Learn’s Powerful Features

Designed for the world of business, the Totara Learn LMS has powerful features that will make managing, delivering, and maintaining your eLearning initiatives easy, cost-effective, and will allow you to create a training environment that delivers the best results.


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This in-depth user guide is your step-by-step handbook that will let you benefit from all of Totara Learn’s specialized features, including:

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Compliance Made Easy

Create, manage, and certify your employees and learners to stay on top of compliance regulations to avoid steep fines


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Course Organization Simplified

Catalogue and Course Management features provide a quality user experience that is streamlined and simple to use, understand, and modify for users and administrators



  Painless User Management

Match your LMS organization with your enterprise’s own hierarchies, easily utilize your own HR records, and create custom audiences the easy way


Get The Features You Need

The open-source nature of Totara Learn allows you to pick from 1,000s of plugins that will allow you to get the exact functionality you need

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The Complete Totara Learn User Guide Part 2: Basic Features

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Discover How To Utilize Totara Learn’s Powerful Basic Features That Make It The Open-Source LMS Solution For The World Of Business

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