The Power Of Moodle Gamification, Moodle Badges, and Moodle Surveys


How To Increase Engagement, User Satisfaction, And Revenue


The Complete User Guide to Moodle Chapter 3: Advanced Moodle Features

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Learning Management Systems such as Moodle are continually collecting a wealth of information about learners and their activity. But do you know what to do with all that information?

With features like Moodle gamification, Moodle badges, and Moodle surveys that allow you to utilize learning analytics for golden insights that will improve your learning initiatives with a data-driven approach.

Chapter 3 of The Complete User Guide To Moodle will show exactly how to take use the platform’s advanced features so that you can open up a world of benefits, including:

gamification (1)

Higher Learner Engagement

With easy-to-implement Gamification and Game-based learning features, Mobile Platform integrations, and multimedia capabilities


Improved Organizational Processes

Easily integrate CRM systems to easily track, automate, and organize interactions with customers.


Increased Revenue and ROI

With ready-to-use eCommerce plugins including PayPal, LMSCheckout, and Course Merchant


Better User Experience

Utilize all of your learning analytics to determine exactly where and how you can improve the eLearning experience for learners, instructors, and administrators

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The Complete User Guide To Moodle Chapter 3: Advanced Moodle Features


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