Using Open Education Resources with Moodle

There is a trend in many things to go “open” – open source software, open data, and even open education resources, textbooks, and courseware.  On June 19, Lambda Solutions hosted a webinar featuring guest speaker, Clint Lalonde of BCcampus, who is managing a BCcampus project to have 40 free and openly licensed textbooks for the most common first and second year post-secondary courses.

This “half hour how to Moodle” covered:

  • What is the value of “open”?
  • Where we can find open education resources?
  • Details of BCcampus’ open textbook project.
  • Examples of Moodle using open resources.
  • How-to implement open resources in Moodle

Want to learn more about how you can leverage open education to power up your Moodle site?  Review Clint’s slides and Chad’s recording.


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