Top 8 Must Have LMS Features

The learning management system is quickly changing. Whether you’re in the market as a first-time user, or you’re looking to switch over to a new platform, there are a plethora of new features and functionalities to consider when looking for a modern LMS that will allow you to grow revenue through training, talent development, and continued education. Save your seat to learn about the 8 features a modern LMS should have.

Watch the webinar and learn more about: 

  • The LMS market landscape today
  • The top 8 must have LMS features in a modern LMS
  • Ways to save LMS costs and how to get more for less
  • The best strategies for finding an LMS that will grow with you

Meet the Solutions Expert!

James_Nicolson_LambdaSolutions-colour-hsAs the lead LMS Solutions Archietect at Lambda, James works closely with buyers to identify the best LMS technology to meet their requirements. In addition, James assists users with integration and custom development planning to ensure projects are delivered successfully. Always keeping a pace, James enjoys engaging in research and implementation activities to understand the exciting updates in Moodle & Totara LMS.

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