Top 7 Must Have Features for Higher Education

The Learning Management System is evolving at a rapid pace. With over 500 options in the market today, it is difficult to decipher which features are needed for leading eLearning in Higher Education. Watch this webinar to learn which LMS features will make sure your university or college’s online learning is cutting edge.

Watch the webinar and learn more about: 

  • Specific technical details so that your Moodle/Totara deployment meets your project requirements
  • Compatibility and standard requirements for the most popular Moodle plugins
  • Hosting requirements for a secure cloud hosting environment
  • Frequently asked questions from leading companies who have deployed Moodle LMS
  • Implementation tips from leading organizations including: YMCA, Kodak Alaris & Rutgers University

Meet the Education Specialist

Specializing in learning management systems for K-12 and higher education institutions, Sean Holler strategizes with leading schools to equip them with the right learning technologies.  Sean works closely with several North American Universities, including Rutgers University, McGill University and The Newfoundland Labrador Public School District; helping them deliver cutting-edge online learning.

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