Top 5 Moodle Plugins to Enhance Productivity

Whether you are new to Moodle or an experienced user, knowing which plugins to choose and how to best implement them can be a challenge. So which one’s should you choose and why?

In this must-see webinar presented by James Nicolson, Product Manager at Lambda Solutions, you will see a demonstration of his top 5 plugin choices which help with tracking learning engagement, reporting, and overall user experience.

Watch our webinar to discover:

  • Best practices around choosing and installing Moodle plugins
  • Plugins for Learning Engagement
  • Best Moodle plugins for user experience
  • How to track and report on user engagement
  • Answers to your Moodle plugin questions

Want to learn more about Moodle plugins? Check out the recordings!

Speaker:  As a Product Manager, James is responsible for guiding the development on new products and LMS features at Lambda Solutions. James works closely with development teams to ensure that the products Lambda is building are inline with our customers usage requirements. He also works with customers to identify new features or resolving pain points that would benefit Lambda’s LMS.

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