Tips for Selecting the Right LMS

Whether you’re delivering online learning at a private school, a university, a healthcare institution, or a small business, you’ll want a flexible eLearning solution that has the flexibility (and scalability) to meets your business needs, and cuts unnecessary costs. In addition to being the world’s leading open source platform, with over 1 million registered users worldwide, Moodle offers a solution that fits your budget. This presentation will identify the features and functions of Moodle LMS that will help you save money, and even make money!

Watch the webinar and learn more about: 

  • Common pains and needs of the LMS market, when it comes to costs and investments
  • The features and functions of Moodle that will alleviate these pains, by reducing the cost of your LMS ownership
  • The cost-benefits associated with the Open Source platform of Moodle
  • The business problems you’ll be able to solve with these identified features
  • Tips for avoiding other unnecessary costs.

Meet the LMS Expert: James Nicolson, Product Manager at Lambda Solutions

James Nicolson Lambda SolutionsAs a Product Manager, James is responsible for guiding the development on new products and LMS features at Lambda Solutions. James works closely with development teams to ensure that the products Lambda is building are inline with our customers usage requirements. He also works with customers to identify new features or resolving pain points that would benefit Lambda’s LMS community. James manages product initiatives across Lambda’s LMS and Zoola Analytics product streams.

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