The Wisdom of the Cloud: Cloud-Based Learning in Healthcare

What if all the wisdom and experience of every clinician was at the fingertips of your clinicians? What if flawless nurse-created protocols could be easily accessed by a team charged to develop the same protocol in your hospital?

Cloud based technology allows organizations in different locations to share data, software, and processing power through a distributed network of technology.

However, that concept can be applied to the wisdom of clinicians inside healthcare institutions. By gathering and sharing course content and tools between care facilities, hospitals can be connected to more than just the technical cloud. They can be connected to the wisdom of the cloud.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • How clinical wisdom, when aggregated, can improve healthcare outcomes
  • How online learning platforms can enable this sharing
  • How MOOCs can be peer reviewed so that content is both vetted and maintained

Speaker: Amelia Newbury, Director of Research, Healthcare at Lambda Solutions


Amelia has researched, designed and built effective online content for more than 16 years. Solutions for the Healthcare space include the groundbreaking GNOSIS™ offering which assesses gaps in knowledge and judgment. Amelia believes strongly in the power of androgogy and using a user-centric design in the online learning world. She joined the team at Lambda Solutions to create an innovative content platform for healthcare and holds several US patents in learning innovation.


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