The Blended Learning Breakthrough

Blended Learning Simplified

Do you recognize the benefits of online learning but worry about the benefits that are lost without face-to-face instruction? You are not alone! For many organizations, the ability to offer training and development (T&D) programs that are 100% online is not practical. What is the solution then you ask? Blended learning!

Blended learning uses a diverse range of online and traditional teaching methods to offer more effective learning experiences. Whether you are delivery learning opportunities to students or a group of employees—who are balancing heavy workloads, family commitments and business travel—organizations of all kinds have much to gain from the blended learning approach.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • The limitations of traditional or ‘classroom’ modes of learning
  • The difference between blended learning and traditional learning
  • The impact of social media and social leaning in the development of blended learning
  • Successful models of blended learning
  • A toolkit of activities and resources that can be utilized for a blended learning approach

Meet the Blended Learning Expert: Jim Yupangco, VP Customer Experience, Lambda Solutions


Jim is a founding partner of Lambda Solutions. He has worked with Fortune 500 firms, multi-organizational committees, and small-to-medium-sized businesses pushing the frontiers of eLearning technology.

With over 15 years of experience as a learning designer, Jim Yupangco understands how people learn and engage with content online and the potential of eLearning to revolutionize how people learn. Today, he helps private companies and other organizations by getting to understand their unique needs and proposing solutions to help them achieve   what they want. He knows that while no two clients are the same, business constraints act as a catalyst for creative solutions.

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