Extending Moodle Capabilities with Video and LMS

Is your organization getting the most out of your LMS? Increasing learner engagement through multimedia is a strategy used by top-tier institutions.

Your standard LMS is great for managing courses and learning plans, but does have its limitations when it comes to rich multimedia. YouTube is an option, but online video and media repositories do not offer the security and delivery needed by many post-secondary institutions and corporations. So what’s the solution?

View the Recording to find out:

  • How to build an effective video management strategy (see this video for a taster) – and managing video inside of your LMS
  • How online learning platforms can enable this sharing
  • Engaging the ‘Netflix Generation’ (see this page, and the attached eBook, for an overview)
  • Creating and capturing engaging video learning content with different devices – from mobile devices to desktop browsers
  • The technology that’s making powerful, video-based learning possible (from cloud encoding and storage, to global content delivery networks)

We also have a Q&A period included in the video


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