The Costs Associated with an Open Source LMS 

When you purchase a learning management system (LMS), where is your money going? With subscription fees, hosting, set-up and configuration, the costs can be hard to track.

Join us with our Product Manager, James Nicolson, as we unpack this topic. From set-up to data migration to training, join us and discover where exactly your money is going when you purchase an LMS, as well as some tips and tricks for ensuring you successfully launch your LMS, and avoid any hidden costs.

Watch the webinar and learn more about: 

  • The main costs associated with an open source LMS
  • Important questions to consider when organizing deployment activities
  • Workarounds to avoid hidden LMS costs

Meet the LMS Expert: James Nicholson – Product Manager

As a Product Manager, James is responsible for guiding the development on new products and LMS features at Lambda Solutions. James works closely with development teams to ensure that the products Lambda is building are inline with our customers usage requirements. He also works with customers to identify new features or resolving pain points that would benefit Lambda’s LMS community. James manages product initiatives across Lambda’s LMS and Zoola Analytics product streams.

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