Advanced Reporting in Moodle & Totara with Lambda Analytika

This webinar demonstrates how matching a powerful, easy-to-use reporting solution, with access to all of your learning data, can be used to provide more meaningful, interactive and actionable insights. We demonstrate how using a modern reporting plugin with Moodle and Totara LMS will allow you to showcase the impact of your training and learning programs.

Watch the following recording and learn how to: 

  • Reduces the time spent creating LMS reports in Moodle & Totara
  • Quickly creates information-rich tables and insightful charts
  • Quickly creates interactive executive dashboards
  • Automates the delivery of reports with scheduling
  • Enables you to achieve your LMS reporting goals

You will also receive a copy of the eBook: Solving the LMS Reporting Gap with Lambda Analytika.

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