5 Ways to Reduce eLearning and Corporate Training Costs

In today’s economy, many organizations are struggling to offer the right learning program due to the high costs and complexity of existing systems.

A recent study by Bersin and Deloitte shows that corporate spending on training has increased by 34% while employee engagement levels have dropped to 24%. Does your organization have the right eLearning in place?

Watch the following recording and learn how to: 

  • Reduce your current training costs by 50%-80%
  • Achieve consistently better learning results
  • Reduce employee turnover and increase learner engagement

Take a look through our recent case studies. Want to learn about how the right eLearning solution can reduce your training costs? Take a look at the recording.

Speaker: Farshid Zavosh, Marketing Manager and Chad Leaman, Moodle Evangelist for Lambda Solutions


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