5 Best Practices to Deliver Healthcare Education in Moodle

Healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to Moodle to deliver effective healthcare education. Why? It’s simple. Healthcare practitioners are required to cram continued learning into very busy schedules. Online learning in Moodle provides the flexibility that healthcare practitioners need to partake in engaging and educational learning, which improves their practice.

Join us with James Bridgewater, IT Officer at the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN), to discover how he introduced a robust, online platform to their nursing certification programs. With James’s expertise, nursing educators across Canada can easily remain up-to-date with national nursing standards.

Watch the webinar and learn more about: 

  • Best practices for implementing Moodle in your organization
  • Best practices for creating courses in Moodle
  • Best practices for enrolling student cohorts into Moodle
  • Tips for making the most of Moodle’s extensive feature set
  • Tips for creating collaborative and engaging healthcare education

Meet the Panelist

James Bridgewater is responsible for managing CASN’s open source learning management system so that nurse educators across Canada receive certificates of the highest standard. Prior to implementing Moodle, James and his team struggled to deliver online education to their geographically disparate learners. Completely new to Moodle, James got CASN up and running quickly with the help of Lambda Solutions. Educating himself on Moodle so he could train his colleagues at CASN, the Association now provides leading online education to over 500 healthcare practitioners a year.

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