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Tracking Student Activity in Moodle (Completion Tracking and Restricted Access)

Activity Completion

Activity completion allows the instructor to set completion criteria in the settings of a specific activity. A check mark  appears against the activity when the student or learner meets this criterion. The criterion may include activities such as viewing, receiving a certain score or a student marking it as complete. A teacher or instructor may mark an activity complete on behalf of a student from the Activity completion report if they have the capability to Override activity completion (this is enabled by default.)

Activity Settings

Completion requirements can be set differently, depending on the type of activity. For example, a Page might have the requirement to require view; a Quiz could have the requirement to require grade while a Forum may have the requirement to require posts/discussions/replies.

Completion Tracking

There are three options for completion tracking:

  • Do not indicate activity completion – this will not show checks marks next to the activity.
  • Students can manually mark the activity as completed – learners press the check marks to change it. (Note: they can do this even without doing the activity!)
  • Show activity as complete when conditions are met – the selected completion criteria must be met before the check marks will change style.

Lesson Completion Settings

In addition to the standard options, there are two settings specific to the Lesson activity, as follows:

  • Require end reached – In order for the lesson to be marked complete, the learner must go to the very last page of the lesson.
  • Require time spent – In order for the lesson to be marked complete, the learner must stay within the lesson pages for the time specified by the instructor and the time can range from seconds to weeks. If they finish the lesson sooner, an alert will be displayed indicating they did not reach the minimum time acceptable and may have to repeat the lesson.

Assignment Completion Settings

Learners must submit this activity in order to complete it. An assignment will only be considered as completed once the student has submitted it but before the teacher has had time to grade it.

Restrict Access

This feature enables instructors to restrict the availability of any activity or even a course section according to certain conditions such as dates, grade obtained, group or activity completion.

Restrict Access Settings

Hiding the Conditions

Hiding conditions uses an ‘eye’ icon:

  • If the eye is SHUT, learners who do not meet that part of the condition will not see the activity at all.
  • If the eye is OPEN, the students who do not meet that part of the condition will see the activity but it will be greyed out and display information about why they can’t access it yet.

ALL or ANY Conditions

Further restrictions may be added by clicking the Add restriction button again. It is possible to specify that ALL the conditions or ANY of the conditions are required before the activity is made available. It is possible to also use OR as well as AND conditions.

Restricting Whole Course Section Access

It is possible to restrict access to activities and resources within a whole course section by specifying the conditions in the settings for that particular section. Do this by editing the section settings in Topic menu > Edit topic > Restrict access.

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