How does Moodle Assist Learning?

Can Moodle grow with my needs?

Moodle is designed to scale in terms of users, courses, geography, languages and bandwidth use. Currently the largest Moodle implementations serve more than 100,000 students or 20,000 courses. With the use of repositories, a well designed server architecture, courses and high bandwidth video streams can be used by large groups and across the world.

Who develops Moodle?

Moodle is supported by Moodle Partners who can assist you with hosting, installation, customization and development. The software is developed by a community of developers, educational technologists and Moodle HQ, under the guiding hand of founder and Lead Developer, Martin Dougiamas.

How does Moodle keep adding new functionalities for teachers, trainers, and learners?

Moodle is maintained by a core group of developers. New software versions are released twice per year, on June 30 and December 31. Details of maintenance and new development work are available to the public at, and forums provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss functions and features.

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