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Continuum: From In-house to Cloud - Scaling LMS and Partner Training Success 

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  • Customer’s Business: IT management platform for small-medium sized business, provided via partner network 
  • Opportunity: A fully supported, scalable, cloud hosted LMS that could accommodate their growing number of users 
  • Solution: Lambda Enterprise LMS (Moodle) & Zoola Analytics 
  • Results: Time savings, Improved System Admin Experience, and Outstanding Customer Service

About Continuum

Based in Boston, Continuum Managed Services is the only channel-exclusive IT management platform company. 

Continuum provides remote monitoring and management, backup and disaster recovery software, tools, maintenance and support for over 50,000 small and medium-sized end user customers and web hosting providers protecting nearly 250,000 servers worldwide, through a network of 5,800 partners. 

Being channel-exclusive, Continuum relies on partners to possess the necessary skills and knowledge about their platform, and can expertly apply it to their end customers, to ensure that over one million endpoints around the world - including computers, phones, printers, modems, bridges, hubs and switches - are efficiently monitored and maintained.



"Lambda put together the right team to do the work, and kept us informed every step of the way."

The Challenge

The Continuum partner network is comprised of thousands of IT service providers, technicians and dealers, all critical to the success of this business. Thus, commitment to - and successful completion of - a specialized training program on the Continuum integrated solutions platform is also critical. 

Early on, Jennifer Roadman, Continuum Partner Education Manager, knew that achieving learning outcomes within the partner network wouldn’t be the challenge; filling knowledge gaps for thousands of busy technicians in different time zones is the ultimate use-case for selfpaced, online learning systems. 

“I worked with Moodle for about 5 years prior to joining Continuum, and because it’s so customizable, I knew it would be perfect,” said Roadman. 

Roadman and her team put their technical documentation and program training materials online in 2012, with an in-house hosted version of Moodle serving up just three courses for the partner community. 

According to Roadman, that’s when the real challenge emerged - ensuring scalability and sustainability within the organization, from a base of 500 weekly course users. 

With constant growth, Continuum knew that before long, they would eventually have to support 1,000 users, accessing up to 10 courses each week. “When we launched certification and started to see signs of exponential growth in our LMS usage, we knew we would have to act preventatively,” said Roadman. 

“First we looked at the support we would need to put in place to make it all happen, and how to keep up the pace of training. Anticipating up to 1,000 users per week visiting the site, it became very apparent that our entire environment needed change.” 

“We had to figure out what we needed to do.”

The Solution

In their search for a Moodle provider, Continuum knew that they needed both expertise and experience with enterprise implementations- a partner that would know Moodle inside and out.

They also knew the cost of adding in-house resources to support growth in a self-hosted environment would not make sense economically. 

After looking at a few different vendors, Continuum found that Lambda had the necessary expertise in both building and supporting an enterprise-scale Moodle site. 

Lambda also worked closely with Continuum to integrate with their Single Sign-On (SSO) services, building a learner-focused environment to grow and scale with Continuum’s technology strategy. 

“Lambda put together the right team to do the work, and kept us informed every step of the way,” notes Roadman. 


Time Saved 

With Lambda’s Support Team there to handle supporting requests, Continuum had more time to work on more critical tasks that related directly to their business. 

Enhanced System Experience 

“My team handles full admin of the site, including troubleshooting” notes Roadman. “The number of emails and requests we have received has gone down significantly.” 

Excellent Customer Service 

“We had a pretty outstanding experience in initial meetings with Lambda,” recalls Jennifer. This sentiment has lasted throughout their LMS journey, as Jennifer reiterates that she feels very comfortable with Lambda Solutions, and would recommend Lambda’s hosting services based on her experience. 

"The number of emails and requests we have gotten has gone down significantly."

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