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AOPO Adopts Lambda Suite To Cultivate Their Online Community

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About AOPO

The Association of Organ Procurement Organization (AOPO) is a not-for-profit representing all 57 of the organ procurement organizations in the country. Serving over 300 million Americans, they are a leader in providing the foundations for knowledge, compliance and communication for organ donation.

AOPO’s Mission: Lead the nation’s organ donation community to save more lives.

Through a shared vision with numerous stakeholders and contributors they hope to innovate with technologies that will improve the process of organ transplants to save more lives. AOPO supplies a platform for members within the healthcare industry to educate, collaborate and share ideas therefore fostering a sense of community and hope to those in need.

Working with the safety sector they built 8 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) level courses to save members from paying thousands from an external source. Completion of these became part of a standard onboarding procedure that is provided for new hires. In addition to the OSHA level courses, basic training courses that can be used across all organizations.

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The Challenge

Being an industry leader, AOPO consists of various committees and subcommittees. Each of them belong to different job functions or disciplines that are categorized in groups all across the country. This diverse membership ranged from executive directors to donor services council members, IT departments and medical staff.

Before Lambda, AOPO tried to deliver their eLearning, online training, online compliance training through a simple website configuration. This soon became unsuitable due to the lack of scalability and functions that were needed.

They needed a solution for members which allowed the content to be more manageable. Communication was only allowed to be used by leadership with limited accessibility by those who managed the platform website itself.

From there, AOPO found it increasingly difficult to collaborate with members as communication was managed through multiple email threads and chains. Even with their Facebook group, that was public facing, created unregulated membership and had no limitations to types of followers. There was no way for leaders or members to connect within the industry to discuss future innovations.

The only way to get together was through an event that occurred annually once a year for members. However, with their member count at 8000, there could only be a limited attendance of 1,000 people.

As a result, with the organization consisting of so many job roles and as the number of members within the organization grew, each group with the OPO began curating content with their own LMS solutions.

AOPO wanted to be able to cultivate a community that would allow members to learn and grow without the hassle of having to manage their own solutions.

AOPO needed a solution that could support their growing membership of 3,600 users that includes an environment for learning and creating conversations.

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The Solution

The challenge resulted in AOPOplus. In adopting Lambda Learn and Lambda Analytics the organization was now able to expand where they can connect and share best practices, inquiries, opinions etc can be discussed.

image logo AOPOplusThe goal was to move away from the communication with leadership only and to involve all members who are part of AOPO. Additionally, AOPO wanted to create a much larger online presence utilizing online tools such as social media to grow awareness of their brand, mission, and services. Migrating to an LMS was a huge step for the organization.

Nevertheless they wanted to become an accessible resource to all, creating a consolidated online learning space that allows for members to have “their own voice”. Using Lambda Analytics’ powerful automation functionality, AOPO was able to easily send mass notifications about relevant events and programs. This assured that their members saw all of the events and programs that were of specific value to them, based on their roles, function, and organization.

AOPO built their own courses, curated by internal subject matter experts, for members to access.

The Initial Soft Launch

The arrival of AOPOplus was announced at their annual meeting in June 2017. And being a sudden announcement, the organization made sure to help members get their accounts set up making the process as smooth as possible. The LMS provided a very user friendly experience for people of all ages, they were able to login, enroll in courses and set up email notifications.

The communications side was easy however the enrollments feature had a few issues, initially needing to use login keys. They then decided that open enrollments were best for members thereafter. Though the platform wasn’t as well received on the initial launch, now in 2020 and due to the pandemic, it’s become a key necessity.

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The Results

How Lambda Analytics provided AOPO "peace of mind"

Initially having zero analytics software, Lambda Analytics provided some game changers for the organization, allowing for a more efficient workflow with reduced time and costs. Listed below are some of the ways AOPOplus has helped them overcome their challenges:

1. Increased growth in virtual attendees

The need for online collaboration has caused an exponential increase in webinars to emerge. Lambda Analytics made the process of pulling all contacts quicker via automation. Because of this the annual conference that was held virtually this year resulted in an attendance of 1000+ members, their biggest meeting to date!

2. Better communications, whenever and wherever

AOPO has found an increase in continuous, even spontaneous collaboration ever since moving to the Lambda Suite. Ease of use and engaging features have resulted in members wanting to participate and be more involved, with online conversations happening at all times!

Open access to contact information provides convenience to program managers who are able to send mass communication reports to those within their council work group. Reduces time in looking for contact information in addition the LMS automatically updates for members that come and go.

3. Members account management

Lambda Learn LMS allows for the ease of helping members keep their accounts and membership up to date for example their titles and job statuses. The available daily digest emails provide notifications such as when new staff are in or when virtual events are happening.

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4. Administrator benefits

Previous analytics reporting consisted of an excel spreadsheet with filters, and data that needed to be entered manually into the system. Tracking was a guessing game with a lack of solid usable data that indicated the success of their content. The data tracked by Lambda Analytics’ ability to collect and sort all of the data collected in their LMS gave AOPOplus the ability to create and deliver the 10-15 core reports that members still use consistently, negating the need to update or create new ones.

5. Quick & easy data retrieval

The inevitability of turnover happens within any company or organization. One of Lambda Analytics’ features is to retain learning records of members. Therefore these records can be passed on between organizations negating the need for additional paperwork. That “easy 10-second click” can draw up old records of past employees to whoever whenever needed.

Having access to these helps keep members and leaders accountable and are practical for regulatory compliance and audits. This can lead into generating reports, such as return on investment (ROI) for course content. Essentially these reports can be provided to leadership to prove its longevity and effectiveness. AOPO has had over 500 completions, though courses don’t apply to every member, though at least one course has been taken by someone.

Effects of Lambda

Formerly a team of 3, now handled by 1, Lambda was there to help during the month-long process and made sure there was a smooth transition. Whether with the front end of the site or with Lambda Analytics, they were able to fix any issues or quirks quickly and easily. Thereafter they provided support with follow ups and advice on how to troubleshoot problems. Having taken notes, this advice was especially useful for the rebranding process when updating their new logo, colours and fonts.

Would You Recommend Lambda?


Lambda Suite has allowed AOPO the opportunity to cultivate the community they envisioned. They are proud to recognize themselves as an association that is unique with members practicing their own disciplines. Most of their research is confidential that requires privacy and security thus is helpful when they are given the choice on how they want to collaborate and customize their accounts.

"My experience with Lambda has been a very smooth, easygoing, and user-friendly experience." - Setareh Soltani-Nia, Design and Systems Management Specialist, AOPO

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