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A cloud-based reporting solution for Totara and Moodle LMS

Why Zoola Analytics?

Here’s what you have to gain.

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Spend Less Time Creating Reports

With a user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, spend less time creating reports and dashboards and spend more time focused on students and employees.

LMS Experts

Gain More Control Over your Data

Access powerful learning analytics that demonstrate learning effectiveness and provide insight to accurately understand where to invest in the future.

Open Source LMS

Prove your Learning & Talent Development Dollars

Demonstrate how your organization is using learning to achieve its learning, talent development and compliance goals.

Stewart Rogers Lambda Solutions

“We are excited to provide our customers with a real reporting solution; one that finally addresses all of their requirements, and eliminates LMS reporting frustrations. Customers can use Zoola to see and understand the effectiveness of their learning programs, and truly justify the value these programs have to the overall organization.”

STEWART ROGERS | Director of Product Management, Lambda Solutions

Discover Zoola’s Features & Functionality

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LMS Reporting that Makes the Picture Clear…How?

More Control over your Data

Zoola™ Analytics provides unparalleled access to all of your learning data. This means every table, every column, and every row. You can decide how it is viewed, how it is analyzed and how and when it is distributed. Obtain the information you need with complete data access, available in real-time.

Out-of-the-box Reports

Benefit from an ever growing list of reports and dashboards. The reports are crowd-sourced, meaning that they have been previously suggested by peers in your industry. Out-of-the-box reports are configurable so you have full control to match your exact requirements. Reports and dashboards are continuously added with every release based on community requests.

Time Spent Learning Reports

Produce management-level reports that accurately inform of the actual time learners spend learning. Track the time that learners spend in courses and modules within those courses to gain the insight you need to measure learning effectiveness.

Ad Hoc Analysis

Analyze raw learning data by creating your own unique tablesdecide which columns you want to use and how you want them to be sorted and filtered. Choose a chart type from a library of 30 different chart styles to best represent the results of your analysis. Further, this analysis with a variety of calculated fields performs mathematical calculations and statistical analysis.

Interactive Executive Dashboards

Executive dashboards provide the option to take all ad hoc analysis and mash it up into a dashboard that is uniquely designed for your stakeholders. This single view, that can blend multiple data points on a single page, presents real-time data and drill-down/through capabilities to zero in on what matters most.

On-Demand Export & Report Scheduling

Export real-time reports to all the popular files including PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. For those situations where reports are required at set intervals, the report scheduler allows you to automate email delivery of reports at the time and frequency desired.

On Demand Features

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