Client News

I’ve heard it took Teekay Shipping awhile to find a suitable vender, why did they choose you?

That’s right, by the time we came on board, Teekay Shipping went through several rounds of proposals but they could not find anybody suitable. Tanya Northcott from Odyssey Learning approached us and we wrote the proposal together. Teekay Shipping liked our previous experience with a multi-media highly interactive online orientation we built for Blast Radius. They were also attracted to the idea of blending Moodle and Lambda’s ClearView technology.

What’s the advantage of using LCV and Moodle in this case?

Well, when you use Moodle, you save money because you do not have to worry about licensing costs as it is an open-source technology. LCV gives our clients solid instructionally-designed templates that can be used in the future for rapid development of other courses. Therefore, there is a good ROI for clients as this combination allows them to save 30% to 60% on the course costs and grants them true ownership of the course because they can update content themselves.

How is this course different from other orientation courses you worked on?

This orientation will be more media-rich than your average orientation. For example, there will be a virtual tour of ships, and video messages from the executive team in addition to engaging activities. On the backend, we will need to address the fact that some employees will need to take it on a ship but that, of course, will be seamless to the learners. We look forward to working with Teekay Shipping and finding solutions to these challenges.

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