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Kumon first started 50 years ago in Japan by Toru Kumon, a teacher and parent who wanted to help his son do better in school. Mr. Kumon developed a unique instructional method that helps students excel. Today Kumon Math and Reading Centers are present in 43 countries with 400 Centers (franchises) in North America alone. Franchises are required to undergo extensive training. Jason McIvor, Director of Sales at Lambda Solutions, answers questions about the project.

Usually learning providers have to look for business, i.e. bid on RFPs and pitch to clients, not in this case I hear?

Yes, Kumon North America actually contacted us just before the Holidays last year. Their staff in Chicago found us through their own research. They contacted six or seven other companies along with us and RFQ-ed this project.

Why did an international training company based in Chicago choose Lambda Solutions?

They chose us for several reasons. First, they were very impressed with our customer service – we responded to their RFQ promptly and efficiently. Second, they felt very confident in our instructional design capabilities to bring this course together. Third, because of our previous experience we’ve successfully developed orientation courses for Blast Radius, BC Hydro and TK Shipping. Also, Shevy Levy, Lambda Solutions’ President, holds a Master’s Degree in mathematics and has a teaching background, so she knows the culture and has the expertise. Finally, we were competitive in terms of our pricing.

Can you highlight the key aspects of the project?

For franchise training, Kumon franchisees are required to complete two-four day face-to-face training sessions in Chicago. To make the training more efficient, they plan to make their Orientation module that focuses on administrative procedures, online. Using Lambda ClearView technology, Lambda Solutions will repurpose an hour and a half session for online mode and will host it so the learners can login via a secure site, complete the course and take the tests; the learners will take the course in between the two four day sessions on their own.

What is unique about this project?

This is the very first of a kind online course for Kumon North America. They want to put a solid first step forward and see what they can do with online learning. The fact that they chose Lambda Solutions to guide them through this process is pretty exciting. Also, just like us, they are in the business of training and I am sure we will learn from them as much as they will learn from us.

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