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Lambda Solutions was selected through a competitive bidding process to facilitate and create a comprehensive e-Learning strategy in partnership with LDB.
Through out the four sessions Lambda Solutions helped:

  • Determine LDB goals, values and culture
  • Educate on the current e-Learning structure
  • Determine how e-Learning would support key business drivers
  • Outline risk factors and mitigations strategies

The outcome was an e-Learning best practices strategy for the LDB and its stakeholders.
The LDB, under the authority of the Liquor Distribution Act, has the sole right to purchase beverage alcohol, both in and out of British Columbia, in accordance with the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act (Canada). The LDB is responsible for the importation, distribution and retailing of beverage alcohol in British Columbia. The LDB operates approximately 200 government liquor stores throughout the province; two distribution centres, one in Vancouver and one in Kamloops; and a head office facility in Vancouver. The LDB also authorizes the sale of liquor in rural communities by Rural Agency Stores.

If your organization is trying to lower budget, provide more efficient, easily track able training system, or just want to get a clue on what e-Learning is, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Howard Wu
Director of Marketing and Communications
Lambda Solutions

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