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Unlike 10-15 years ago when environmental disasters were viewed as unlikely events that might take place in the distant future, recent thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes in the US and severe snowstorms here in BC made them very real bringing the question of emergency preparedness to the forefront of many organizations. Obviously, the best way to be ready for emergency is to be prepared and preparedness involves training. Many employers across BC are taking action and implementing emergency preparedness training in the workplace.

BC Hydro has recently commissioned Lambda Solutions to develop an emergency preparedness course for their Edmonds location. The course focuses on emergency evacuation procedures in event of earthquake, fire or a bomb threat and will be mandatory for all employees and contractors who work in that location. Encouraging every occupant in the building to take the course promotes a sense of community and increases overall preparedness.


To make the mandatory training easy and fun, Lambda built the course using a problem-based approach that involves edu-gaming and individualized evaluation immediately upon completion. Built on Lambda’s ClearView (LCV), the course features 3-D graphics, virtual space and real-life scenarios. On average, it will take about 15 minutes to complete the course. The shortness of time allocated for the course is designed to emulate a sense of emergency, similar to a real-life situation.

Once the pilot at Edmonds location is completed in late March, BC Hydro Training Team will implement the course in other locations across BC. Lambda Solutions built this course modularly, which means BC Hydro will be able to replace the graphics to seamlessly customize it for other locations.

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