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One key aspect in redefining usability in the eLearning space is to apply instructional design principles to attain learnability. Once again learnability is defined as the ease and speed with which users can learn and retain skills and knowledge. Lambda has created both a concept-based on-line course along with a series of scenarios where they must work through an emergency situation from the onset until users are completely safe in a muster area.

Our own usability standards required us to:

  • create a mock-up of the scenarios for client approval
  • storyboard a number of emergency scenarios for fire, earthquake and possible earthquake
  • photo-reference a specific office environment to ensure greater authenticity and transferability
  • create a look and feel of all visual elements that are absolutely accurate representations from the work environment
  • leverage curiosity as a motivational principle to create an environment of discovery
  • use feedback to offer guidance and remediation to reinforce learning
  • obtain feedback from members of the target audience for iterative design


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