Background: Vancity needed a way to capture their knowledge capital and standardize product knowledge for staff.

Lambda developed online training modules that standardized their product training. Moodle was helpful in conducting employee pre and post-tests so that they would be directed to specific lessons most appropriate for their learning needs.

Our Newsletter editor asked Simon Fulber and his team the following questions about how the course, Building your Personal Financial Acumen has been received by employees.


It is always critical for a company to do follow-up evaluation and assessment on the products they produce. We wanted to learn how Vancity has adapted to using Moodle and to learn generally how the course was received by employees.

Have you received any verbal feedback or post-course evaluations on the course? If you could summarize the comments, what are the negative and positive remarks?

As the course belonged to part of a larger program, it was identified as the most valuable component by staff. Layout, easy to navigate, design (both visual and breakdown of content) as well as interactive features such as Activities and Tips seemed to resonate with our participants.

Difficulties around Log In process, Computer Requirements (resolution), and Navigation (links sometimes had to be double clicked to access) were mentioned, but were very minor and could be dealt with once participants spoke to our team of Field Trainers. In terms of Admin, other than minor glitches, the only challenging component is the Marking Scheme or Logic with Quizzes.

What was the process of developing the course like for your team?

Collaborating with Lambda Solutions on our Building Your Personal Financial Acumen program has been a very educational and effective experience for our whole team. From the Design, Development and Project Management perspective, Lambda was very flexible and adaptive to our needs. For some members of the team, this was their first eLearning project. I can safely say that it was a positive experience and Lambda staff really provided assistance, support and learning that will prove invaluable!

Has the course been easy to maintain thus far?

Overall, the course has been fairly easy to maintain and the members from Lambda have been very helpful when we have needed to figure things out. They have always made themselves available and have responded to all our questions and requests.

Have you been able to define a Return-on-investment (ROI) from this course?

At this point, we have not yet calculated an ROI on the program. We have been using the Building Your Personal Financial Acumen program as of last September and while we have some data that will formulate our ROI, we are not yet comfortable to share results.


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