What business need did ACL have to meet by using rapid eLearning development?

Our challenge was based on the fact that there was only one trainer with a sales group of 70 people. Sales employees were being hired at different times and couldn’t really wait for a classroom training course to be offered. We also had a great deal of content to communicate and yet still needed our content experts, who were being used to facilitate in the classroom back on the operation side. We found that eLearning allowed our new employees and existing employees the flexibility they needed to learn at their own pace. We also needed to have a means to test our employees to ensure that they did the training and that they could apply the content.

Was the content considered time-sensitive?

Yes, both in terms of new content that we had to deliver and also because we hired people based on organizational needs at differing times during the year so it had to get to them in a timely way.

Did you rely on using a Subject Matter Expert (SME’s) to produce the content for the course?

Yes, we did and as a result of using a rapid eLearning approach we could better utilize our SME’s time. Efficiencies are created in terms of producing online training and in putting our experts back into the operational side of the business as quickly as possible.

How much sitting time would an employee take in going through the course/module?

Half an hour has been the general rule with content created into smaller logical modules.

Was the content originally created in PowerPoint slides?

Yes it was because our SME’s used Power-Point to deliver the content.





How quickly was Lambda able to turn your projects around?

Once the template was created, we have been able to use it again and again for subsequent courses. Our sales reps are now familiar with the layout of our courses, which means that they can access new information more rapidly.

We found that as a result of using the rapid eLearning approach that we are spending roughly a third of the time from start to finish. That means all members of the team including content creation from the SME, Lambda development time and our administration are roughly cut by a full third.

That does not mean that all courses are cookie cutter and certainly we do different activities for each course, but the instructional design is pre-done and that’s the aspect that I like.

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