CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Healthcare system comprised of partner hospitals in Ontario, Canada OPPORTUNITY: HPHA was using an LMS platform that required too much hands-on maintenance and provided too [...]


CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Medical transcription and coding services OPPORTUNITY: iMedX was spending hundreds of man-hours each year monitoring exam completions and struggling with reporting. SOLUTION: [...]

Menninger Clinic

Customer’s Business: Online education and compliance tracking for psychiatric treatment and research Opportunity: A single solution for three distinct audiences and their learning paths, [...]

MedCerts Case Study

Customer Business: Online certification programs for specialized Healthcare and IT careers  Opportunity: A single, scalable LMS with automated student progress reporting  Solution: Totara LMS, [...]

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Customer’s Business: eLearning healthcare education for students in Wisconsin Opportunity: A modern, flexible and optimally run Moodle site Solution: Moodle Cloud Hosting, Moodle Upgrade, [...]