Lambda’s Partner Program

Provide your clients with the robust reporting and analytics solution they want.

Lambda Solution’s partners consist of a diverse group of organizations, that encompass a wide range of different industries. By partnering with Lambda, you will increase your revenue, grow your business, and most importantly, meet the reporting and analytics needs of your clients by providing them with deep business insight.

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Why Partner with Lambda?

Reduce costs

Provides you with an additional stream of revenue, through the sale of Lambda Zoola.


Meet your clients diverse reporting and analytics needs, by providing them with a robust and inclusive reporting solution.


Develop custom reports and dashboards for your clients, for an additional source of profit.

ILANA BINENBAUM | Partner Channel Manager

Ilana BinenbaumIlana holds a degree of Education in the field of Mathematics and Computer Sciences. Her studies offer her the best of both worlds, making her analytical and systematic in her approach to technology. Prior to Lambda, Ilana served as the Account Manager at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) where she was able to establish, build, and strengthen relationships with new and existing clients while meeting their short and long term financial needs. There she offered a full range of solutions and taking into account the client’s current situation, risk profile, time horizon and other relevant factors. As a Partner Channel Manager, Ilana is building a successful program that allows our Partners to become innovative leaders in our industry today.

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Give your clients full control of their data, and the freedom to present their data the way they wish with custom reports, dashboards, and charts.

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