Why Lambda as your eLearning & LMS Experts?

Benefit from Partnering with Learning Management Experts

As cloud learning management experts, we come at the challenge of training and learning from a different perspective. Our roots are in education, and as former educators, we deeply understand the technical and operational challenges of organizational learning today.

We are here to ensure the success of your learning and talent development programs. The foundation for this success is a feature rich learning management system that enables you to deliver results-driven training and development opportunities within your organization.

Moodle LMS Hosting

Full Solution Provider

Lambda can provide you a full online learning solution which includes:

We are approaching twenty years of expediting efficient and speedy LMS implementations. This experience ensures your project is completed on time and within budget.

Leaders in Open Source

Open Source Talent and Learning Management Systems are feature rich, flexible and secure giving you control & ownership to reduce your risk. By taking advantage of the financial gains of an open source you won’t be at the mercy of commercial software. Using open source is one of the fastest growing trends in IT today.  And as open source experts, we understand the importance of extending functionality, integrating with other systems and giving back to the open source community with our advancements.

Open source
totara logo

Premier Totara Partner

Totara, a corporate distribution of Moodle, is a Talent Management System which extends upon Moodle’s capabilities including the ability to manage your organizational structure with:

  • Pre-defined or custom hierarchies
  • Learning plans
  • Performance appraisals
  • Many other features to support a blended learning approach

Better yet, Totara does this at about 20% of the cost of a commercial system matched feature for feature.

Learning Management System Reporting and Analytics

As thought leaders in talent and learning management, we recognized the growing LMS reporting and analytics gap. Organizations struggle to get the data and information they need about their learning and talent development programs. Reporting on online learning is challenging and completing basic queries is time consuming, costly and down right frustrating. Lambda fills this market gap with a unique solution, Zoola.  Zoola  provides administrators, managers and learners with incredible reports, dashboards and the ability to make ad-hoc queries on the fly giving you access to data quickly and easily.

Zoola Analytics Logo

Experience & Expertise

We work with a growing number of healthcare facilities, corporations, schools, colleges, training institutions, and nonprofits who want to offer cost-effective Learning in the Cloud. We believe support is a critical component to any successful implementation. We offer migration, onboarding and training services in our support program.

With over 600 implementations and over 500,000 hosted learners, we are proud to offer a solution that will impact your learning and talent development programs at large.

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