Case Study: Increasing the Size of Pie Charts

This case study demonstrates how to increase the size of pie charts in Lambda Analytics.


Introduction to Increasing the Size of Pie Charts

This case study walks you through a workaround to ensure that pie charts fill the entire allowable space within the canvas.

The size of a single full pie chart correlates to the height and width of your browser screen. Generally, this creates a well-sized pie chart suited for standard reports. However, certain extreme ratios of browser window width/height can drastically alter the size of the pie chart. For example, if you are creating a dashboard where the dashlets are stretched wide or thin, the diameter of your pie chart will be fairly small. 

For the purposes of this case study, we will use the Login Statistics Chart View available for both Moodle and Totara data sources. After selecting the view, we will first convert it to a pie chart, and then adjust the sizing to fill the available area.

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Opening the Login Statistics Chart View as a Pie Chart

To open the Login Statistics Chart View as a pie chart:

1.  From the home page, open the Repository by navigating to View > Repository.

2.  In the Folders panel, open the Views folder by navigating to Public >  Moodle/Totara > Ad Hoc Components > Views.

3.  Click Login Statistics Chart View to open it in the Ad Hoc Editor.

4.  From the tool bar, click the Pivot icon to convert the Login Statistic Chart View to a pie chart.

5.  Close the Select Chart Type window.

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Editing the Pie Chart Size

To regenerate the Login Statistics Chart View pie chart to fill the available space:

1.  In the Column box, delete the Number of Logins measure.

2.  From the Measures panel, drag the Number of Logins measure into the Rows box so that the Login Time field and the Number of Logins measure are side by side. This configuration of fields and measures causes the diameter of the pie chart to be "full width."

3.  Once both the Login Time field and the Number of Logins measure are in the Rows box, the pie chart will render to fill the available space.

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