Uploading Users to Your Company Using a CSV Text File (Company Administrator)

This article demonstrates how to upload users to your company through creating a CSV file in the Lambda Suite.


Importing Users Through CSV

As a company administrator in your Lambda Suite, you can import users into your company through using a CSV file. With this method, you can accomplish several tasks, such as uploading users in bulk and organizing them into different companies and sub-companies.

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Step 1: Establishing Company Hierarchies

Before you can upload users into your Lambda Suite, different hierarchy frameworks, like companies and sub-companies, must initially be created. When users that fit into these hierarchies are then uploaded, the system will know where to place each one.

Click here to learn more about creating and managing companies and sub-companies in the Lambda Suite. 

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Step 2: Creating and Formatting Your CSV Files

Once you have finished establishing your company hierarchies, you can then begin to create and format your corresponding CSV files.

When creating your CSV file, it is easiest to manage and format it on a spreadsheet software, like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

At the top of each column, you will need to add the following headers:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Company Name

important-4  NOTE

When creating your CSV file, ensure that your data is formatted correctly. This includes being attentive towards lower-case vs. upper-case letters, or trailing spaces.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to keep track of data due to potential formatting inconsistencies.

Here is an example of a populated CSV sheet:


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Step 3: Uploading Your CSV File


Before completing your first upload, it is best to have a trial import run with a file that contains about 25 lines of data.

This can help with initial troubleshooting, as it will be easier to trace the source of any potential errors in smaller sets of data.

1.  On the top-right corner of the Lambda Suite, click on My Account.

2.  On the side panel, select List of Customers to open up the List of Customers page.

3.  Underneath the drop-down menu, click on the Upload Customers link.


4.  On the Upload Customers page, click the Choose File button and select your desired CSV file. Then, click the Upload button. 


Once your file has been uploaded, newly-registered customers will receive an email to create their accounts and set their passwords.

important-4  NOTE

While you can successfully upload a CSV file with pre-existing customers, you will still receive an error notification that will alert you to these 'duplicate' cells.

However, any new customers that you have included will still be uploaded.

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