Terms and Conditions

This article describes the Terms and Conditions settings that can be added and configured to your store.

Terms and Conditions can be added to your store for customers to access. Once a customer creates a new account or logs into a pre-existing account (that has not yet accepted the Terms and Conditions), they will immediately be greeted with a pop-up box that links to your Terms and Conditions page. Customers will then be required to check off the required boxes that agree with your Terms and Conditions before they can gain access to the store.

When creating your Terms and Conditions list, you can determine:

  • Which stores the Terms and Conditions are visible in.
  • The Type of Condition, such as Terms of Use, Private Policy, and Marketing Email.
  • The corresponding Checkbox Name.
  • The corresponding Checkbox Title, which will be used on the pop-up.
  • The Conditions Content, which will be linked for customers to review. 
  • For language-based stores, applicable translations for the Checkbox Name, Title, and Content


If you would like to create or edit your Terms and Conditions settings, please contact the Lambda Support team.