Setting Up Course Self-Enrolment

Steps to enable self-enrolment for a course. Using this information, you will be able to allow your students to enrol themselves, saving you time and giving your learners an element of freedom in choosing their learning path.

Summary of the Steps

Before getting into the details of setting up self-enrolment in a course, please note the following steps:


Self-enrolment is an enrolment method which allows users to manually enrol themselves in a course. This is an excellent option if you want your learners to choose which courses they would like to take, or if the courses are optional.

Note: Make sure that Self-enrolment is enabled the site level. See Enrolment Methods for more information.

Step 1: Enable Self-Enrolment in the Course

Go to the course you want to allow self-enrollment. Navigate your way to the Enrollment methods page: Course administration>Users>Enrolment methods

On the enrolment methods list that shows, enable Self enrolment by clicking on the eye icon.
course self enrollment


Once enabled you can now configure the settings by clicking on the cog icon beside it.


Step 2: Configure Self-Enrolment Settings

The page that loads will offer configuration options on how the self-enrolment will function.
self enrolment settings


    • Custom Instance Name - allows for a custom name to be used for the enrolment method. For example Self Enrolment Fall 2014
    • Enable existing enrolments - If disabled all existing self enrolments are suspended and new users can not enrol.
    • Allow new enrolments - This setting determines if a user can enrol into the course
    • Enrolment key - If enabled access to the course is restricted to only those who know the key (password) which must entered only on the first time entering the course.
    • Use Group enrolment keys - access to the course is restricted to only those who know the key (password), use of the group enrolment key means users are automatically added to groups in the course.
    • Default assigned role - allows the role the user will have in the course to be set such as student.
    • Enrolment duration - The length of time that the user will be enrolled in the course starting from the moment he/she enrols themselves. If disabled, the duration will be unlimited.
    • Notify before enrolment expires - This determines whether students and/or teachers will be notified before the enrolment expires, set by the Notification threshold field (see below).
    • Notification threshold - Allows for setting how long before expiration should the user be notified.
    • Start and End date - If enabled users can enrol themselves into the course from the start date up until the end date. This is not to be confused with the enrollment duration but is the setting for allowing how long students have to register him/her self in the course.
    • Unenrol inactive after - If the user has not accessed the course for a period of time set in this field then he/she is automatically unenrolled.
    • Max enrolled users - Specifies the maximum number of users that can self enrol in the course. 0 means no limit.
    • Only Cohort members - Enrloment may be restricted to members of a specified cohort only.
    • Send course welcome - Users will receive a welcome message via email when self-enrolling in a course.
    • Custom welcome message - Allows for a custom welcome message to be sent via email when a user self enrols in a course.
When done click Save changes.
The course summary will appear along with the Self enrolment method when the leaner browses the courses and clicks into a course.