Setting Up Email-Based Self-Registration

This article demonstrates how to set up Email-Based Self-Registration for your eLearning platform.


Introduction to Email-Based Self-Registration

One user registration method you can use in Moodle is email-based self-registration. This option allows users to create their own accounts by clicking a ' Create a new account ' button on the main login page. Once they have completed the registration, the user then receives an email at the address they provided to confirm their account.

If you are going to be allowing email-based self-registration, we recommend using a service called reCAPTCHA for preventing fake accounts from being created by “spam bots”. To use reCAPTCHA, a person from your organization has to obtain a private and public key using his/her email address. Kindly follow the steps at:

Summary of the Steps

Before getting into the details of setting up email-based self-registration, please note the following sections/steps.

Step 1: Enabling Self-Registration

Step 2: Configuring the Settings

Step 3: Enabling Email-Based Self-Registration

Step 1: Enabling Self-Registration

1.  Navigate to Administration block > Site administration > Plugins > Authentication > Manage Authentication.

2.  On the page that loads, make sure that Self-Registration is Enabled.

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Step 2: Configuring the Settings

Part 1: Enabling reCAPTCHA 

1.  Enabling reCAPTCHA will prevent "spam bots" from creating fake accounts.

2.  Click the settings link beside self-registration.

3.  On the page that loads, under the subheading "Settings" select 'Yes' from the drop down menu for "Enable reCAPTCHA element".


If you are NOT using reCAPTCHA, switching it on under email based self-registration without all reCAPTCHA's settings (private and public key) filled out will cause the self-registration setup to possibly fail.

Part 2: Lock User Fields

4.  On the Settings page, set options for the user fields (locked, unlocked if empty, or unlocked).

5.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save changes".

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Step 3: Enabling Email-Based Self-Registration

1.  Next, scroll down the page to the heading entitled "Common settings". From the drop down menu beside "Self registration" select "Email-based self-registration". 

2.  Further down on the page, if you are using reCAPTCHA enter the private and public key in the respective areas. Then click "Save changes at the bottom of the page.

3.  Email-based self-registration will now be enabled for your site.

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