Reason Codes

This article describes the Reason Codes that can be added and configured for your Lambda Store.


Introduction to Reason Codes

Reason codes can be used to help organize transactions between those that do and do not require approval from certain administrative users on your Store site. Once reason codes are created, they can be applied to orders and credit memos generated in the store. 

When configuring reason codes for your store, you can determine:

  • The order type that your code is applicable to: Orders or Credit Memos.
  • The code name and description.
  • Whether or not the code requires approval from a particular Store Role. 
  • The maximum threshold required for an approval code to trigger. For example, if this value is set to 50, then transactions that cost below $50 will automatically be approved while transactions that cost above $50 will require approval.


If you would like to edit your Reason Code settings, please contact the Lambda Support team. 

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Managing Reason Codes

If you have been designated by your company to approve reason codes, you will be able to approve or deny them on the Store Administration site.

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, navigate to Sales > Awaiting Approvals.

2.  On the Awaiting Approvals page, find the desired pending transaction and click on the corresponding View link. 

order-1  Viewing Pending Customer Orders

1.  If the transaction is a pending customer order, make any necessary edits to the Items Ordered section and click Update Items and Quantities.

2.  Then, make any necessary edits to the customer's Account Information and Address Information. 

3.  Once you are complete, click Submit Order.

bill (1)-1  Viewing Pending Credit Memos

1.  If the transaction is a pending credit memo, scroll down to the Items to Refund with Refund Price section. If necessary, update the Price Refund value and the Quantity to Refund.

2.  Then, under Refund Totals, update the Subtotal, Refund Shipping, Adjustment Refund, or Adjustment Fee if necessary.

3.  Once you are complete, click Approve and Refund Offline. 

However, if the order does not meet the requirements to receive a refund, click Reject Refund.

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