Purchasing and Assigning Courses (Company Administrator)

This article demonstrates how to purchase and assign courses on behalf of company members in the Lambda Suite.


Introduction to Assigning Courses

Company administrators can purchase and assign courses on behalf of company or sub-company users. Once a user has been assigned a course from the Lambda Suite, they will automatically be enrolled in Lambda Learn. They will also be placed in groups that correspond to their company in the Suite.

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Step 1: Purchasing Courses

1.  When viewing a course on the Suite, navigate to the 'Purchase on behalf of another user' drop-down menu.

Select Yes if you are purchasing the course on behalf of another user within your company. If the quantity of the purchase is over 1, then the system will default the drop-down menu to Yes. 


2.  Click Add to Cart to add the courses to the shopping cart. You can still modify the quantity and the [purchase] for in the shopping cart access.

3.  In the shopping cart, complete any of the following functions if necessary:

Adjust the Quantity and Purchase on Behalf.

Click on Apply Discount Code to use a coupon.

Click on Update Shopping Cart to update any changes.

Once you are complete, click Proceed to Checkout. 

4.  Complete the transaction. On the Order Success page, you can click on the course's corresponding Assign link to begin assigning courses immediately. You can also navigate to the Assign Courses page. 


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Step 2: Assigning Courses

1.  Navigate to My Account > Assign Courses.

2.  Once the transaction is complete and the order has been invoiced, the course(s) will appear under the 'Select Course to Assign Learners' drop-down menu. Select a course to assign.

The [Number of] Current seats available indicates the number of seats that are available to be assigned to users.


3.  Select if you would like to Assign a Company to this course, or if you would like to complete an Individual Assignment instead.


boss-1  Assign a Company

1.  Once you have selected Assign Company, choose your desired company or sub-company from the drop-down menu.

2.  All users are selected by default for assignment. If necessary, deselect any names from the list.

3.  Once you are complete, click Assign. 


add-user-3  Individual Assignment

1.  Once you have selected Individual Assignment, enter the first and last name, alongside the email address of the customer. This can be done for new or previously registered users. 

2.  Once you are complete, click Assign. The user will then be alerted to complete registration and be enrolled into the course. 


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