Instructor-Led Training: Preparing Seminars for the Lambda Store

This article demonstrates how to successfully prepare your Seminar Courses for sale in the Lambda Store website.


Introduction to Selling Seminars

Seminars can be added and sold in the Lambda Store through creating a dedicated, single activity seminar course, or through creating a multi-topic course containing a seminar and a related activity, such as a feedback activity or a choice (poll)


Only use one seminar activity per course

online-course-4  Course Enrolments

To ensure that learners from the Lambda Store are enrolled into your seminar course, you must have the Lambda Store enrolment method enabled. 

To view enrolment methods:

1.  On your seminar course homepage, navigate to Users > Enrolment Methods using the Course Administration menu. 

2.  Ensure that the Lambda Store enrolment method are enabled by setting the Hide/View icon to enabled. 


important-Mar-01-2021-10-27-31-98-PM  NOTE

If the Lambda Store enrolment method is not listed on the page, then please contact the Lambda Support team. 

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Synchronizing into the Lambda Store

important-Mar-01-2021-10-27-31-98-PM  NOTE

This section will focus on the basics of synchronising a seminar course into the Lambda Store. Click here to learn more about the Synchronization process. 

Once you have created your seminar course on Lambda Learn, you can now synchronize it from the Lambda Store admin panel. 

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Catalog > Synchronize with Lambda Learn to access the Synchronization Options page. 

2.  Review the course options that you would like to synchronize and that you would like to ignore, and then click Review Changes. If you would like to reset the options to their original settings, click Reset Options.



Ensure that the "Update descriptions" option is set to Yes.

3.  The Synchronization Review page will show you all of the synchronization updates that will occur. If you are satisfied with these updates, click Apply Changes.


4.  Once the synchronization is complete, you will be redirected to the Applied Changes page, which lists all of the synchronization updates - including the synchronization of your seminar course into your website.

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Preparing Your Seminar for Sale

After synchronizing into the Store, the seminar course becomes a product that must be prepared for sale. 

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, navigate to Catalog > Products to access the Products page.

2.  Find the seminar course on the grid, and click Edit under the Action column. This will redirect you to the seminar's Product Editing page. 


When you initially synchronize your seminar course into the Store, there are some fields that are automatically completed. Some may require changes. 

The seminar course will initially hyphenate both the course and seminar name, which may be duplicates.



The product URL may also include a duplicated version of the seminar title. 



The seminar course description, alongside the seminar event and corresponding session, are both added into the product description.seminartostoreorgdescription

3.  Enter a new Product Name for your seminar course. You can delete one of the duplicated names, or enter a unique product name. 


4.  Adjust the individual Price of your seminar course. The admin panel creates a default price when your Store is set up by the Lambda team. However, you may need to update this final price.


5.  Adjust the Quantity of your seminar course. The quantity refers to the number of seats in each seminar event that are available to purchase on your website. The default setting is empty, so you must add a quantity to ensure that it is Available to Purchase. 



When adjusting the quantity of seats, note that it will be the total number of seats among all events within your seminar.

When bulk purchasing seminars for your learners, note that the Quantity will not be reduced until the seminar is specifically assigned to our learners. This will prevent accidental overselling when bulk purchasing seats.

6.  When your seminar course has available seats, set the Stock Status to 'In Stock' so that it can be visible from the website. Otherwise, set it to 'Out of Stock.' When the quantity reaches zero, the Stock Status automatically defaults to 'Out of Stock.' 


important-Mar-24-2021-07-40-19-37-PM  NOTE

If you have your Inventory Settings turned off, then you do not need to configure your course's Quantity and Stock Status settings. 

7.  Scroll down and expand the Content section. Update the seminar course description so that the seminar date is more prominent.


8.  Scroll down and expand the Images and Video section. This section allows you to upload additional promotional seminar course images and videos.

Upload your image into the Add Image box. You can upload multiple images onto the same seminar course. 


If you would like to upload a promotional seminar course video, then click the Add Video button on the right-hand side of the screen.


Adding the right images and videos can help attract customers and boost your sales. Click here if you would like to learn more about enhancing product descriptions on the Lambda Store.

9.  Scroll down and expand the Search Engine Optimization section. You can delete one of the duplicated names, or enter a unique URL.


10.  Scroll down and expand the Enrolment Settings section. This section is mandatory for all products, and allows you to determine the enrolment dates for courses and virtual products.

11.  Expand the Enrolment Start section. Select an appropriate option from the Start Type drop-down menu and select either the Open or the Fixed Date option. Then, select an appropriate date.


12.  Expand the Enrolment End section. Select an appropriate option from the End Type drop-down menu and configure any corresponding settings.


Unlimited: Allows learners to be unenrolled at any date.

Fixed Date: Sets a fixed date that learners must wait until to be unenrolled from the seminar course.

Relative to Start Date: Sets a period of time after starting the seminar course that learners must wait until to be unenrolled. 

13.  Once you are complete, click Save. 


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