Page Resource

This article demonstrates how to create a Page Resource for your course.

Introduction to Pages

The Page module allows you to create a web page resource using the text editor. A page can display text, images, sound, video, web links, and embedded code, such as Google maps.

Pages can be used to present the terms and conditions of a course, a summary of the course syllabus, or can also be used to embed several videos or sound files together with explanatory text.

Using pages can provide greater accessibility for learners on different platforms, and can be easier to update than other modules.

Creating a Page Module

To add a Page module to your course page.

1.  On your desired course homepage, click the Turn Editing On button.


2.  Create or select an appropriate Activity block, and click the 'Add an activity or resource' link.


3.  Select the Page option from the Resources section and click Add at the bottom of the page. 

4.  In the Name field, enter an appropriate name for your page.


5.  Using the Page Content text editor, enter the content of your page. You can use the formatting tools to format your page copy, and you can also add images and embed videos.

6.  Expand the Restrict Access section. If necessary, select a category to restrict your page resource by, and configure its corresponding settings.


Configuring the Restrict Access section can help direct learning in your course.

For example, you can restrict activities to ensure that learners complete 'prerequisite' activities beforehand.

You can also restrict resources based on passing grades, so that learners who did not pass a certain quiz or assignment can receive extra resources.

7.  Expand the Activity Completion section. 

Completion Tracking: Allows you to determine how activity completion is tracked for your assignment through using the corresponding drop-down menu. For Page modules, we recommend that you select the 'Show Activity as Complete When Conditions Are Met' option.

We also recommend that you enable the Require View option. 


8.  Once you are complete, click either Save and Return to Course or Save and Display.