Order Price Change Approval

This article describes the Order Price Change Approval function on the Lambda Store website.

Introduction to Order Price Change Approval

Order Price Change Approval is a function that can be enabled on the Admin site, and allows Store Administrators to request approval for any necessary price changes when creating a customer order. When a Store Administrator requests for a price change, they can select an appropriate reason code that describes why the change is necessary. 

Once a price change is requested, any roles that can approve price changes can then review the specific customer order. If the price change is then approved, then that role can simply add the product into the customer's cart. 


Configuring Your Order Price Change Approval Settings

When configuring the Order Price Change Approval settings, you can determine:

  • Whether Approval is enabled or disabled on the Admin site.
  • The necessary Reason Codes that Store Administrators can select when requesting an Order Price Change. When creating Reason Codes, you will need to determine the code, description, and whether or not it requires approval.
  • The Store Roles that can grant approval.