Managing Learner Enrolment

This article demonstrates how a Learn Administrator can manage learner enrolment for a particular course.

Introduction to Managing Learner Enrolment

As a Learn Administrator, you can manage the individual learner enrolments for a particular course. You can enabled adjust enrolment dates, and change a learner's enrolment status from Active to Suspended. This can help you ensure that your enrolment records are accurate.

Editing a Learner's Enrolment Status & Dates

1.  On your desired course homepage, navigate to Course Administration > Users > Enrolled Users.  On the Enrolled Users page, you will be able to view all of the learners that are either currently or have previously been enrolled in the course.

2.  To adjust a learner's enrolment dates, click on the corresponding Settings icon under Enrolment Methods.


3.  On the Edit Enrolment page, you can then edit the learner's enrolment status (from either Active or Suspended) and enrolment start & end dates. You can also determine whether or not these start & end dates are enabled.


4.  Once you are complete, click Save Changes.