'Log in As' Customer Function

This article demonstrates how to use the 'Log in As' function, and how to view the 'Login as Customer' Log.


'Log in As' Function Overview

The 'Log in As' function allows a Store Administrator to access a customer's account on the store front end. You can then complete any of the tasks available to the customer, such as entering contract codes, managing account information, and purchasing products. 


If you would like to help a customer with shopping for their courses and products, we recommend using the Assisted Shopping function from a Store Administrator perspective. Using the Assisted Shopping function will display products with their base pricing.

However, if the customer you would like to help has a Contract Code and corresponding contract code pricing, we recommend using the 'Log in As' function to have full access to discounted pricing.


Only customers that have enabled the Allow Remote Shopping Assistance option when creating their account can be assisted through the 'Log in As' function. 

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Using the 'Log in As' Function

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, navigate to Customers > All Customers .

2.  Locate your desired customer on the list, and click on their corresponding Edit link to access the Customer Page. 

3.  Then, click on Login as Customer on the navigation tab. You will then be logged into the customer account on your Store website. You can then assist the customer and complete any necessary tasks.


4.  To log out of the customer account, click Close Session on the upper-right corner of the page. 


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Viewing the 'Login as Customer' Log

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Customers > Login as Customer Log to access the Login as Customer Log.

2.  On the Login as Customer Log, you can view each instance in which a store administrator account has logged in to a customer account. 


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